The pain of growing a moustache

02.12.2013 02:16

Yes, you’ve all heard of it, Movember. The sweet excuse for a man to grow a moustache. We wait for 11 months every year for the month to come, to set free the hair on our upper lip. At first it’s so young and innocent, and you nurture your ’stache like a baby. But every day it grows stronger and more powerful. By the time the moustache has reached 3 weeks of age, it takes total control over your body. You become twice the man you were before. It’s like you grow an extra sack of balls below your nose. When you walk the streets, you can see envious faces around you. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, messes with a guy with a moustache. Driving around on your motorcycle, eating raw meat of a near extinct species at the same time, you can feel the wind caress your ’stache. And you become one with it. You really know that this IS the meaning of life. So simple! Just to grow a beautiful ’stache… Studies actually show that happiness correlates to the amount of facial hair. On a man, that is. But, one cannot keep such a wild beast caged on your upper lip forever. You can feel it’s urge to roam these streets free, unchained. And that is the pain of growing a moustache. Once it is ready, you have to let it go… And when it’s gone, the world just isn’t the same anymore. But you’ll always remember the good times you had together…


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