KuopioRock 2022

Thank you KuopioRock 2022, it was amazing!

Pictures available from KuopioRock 2022 here.


Gigs confirmed for 2022

At this point the following gigs have been confirmed for summer 2022:

30.7.2022 @ Kuopiorock, Kuopio

3.9.2022 @ Hotelli Kainuu, Kuhmo

See you there!


Year 2021 coming to its end

During this year we have been recording and training new songs to be released in the future. Also some gigs were rescheduled for the next year due to the covid restrictions.

We are eagerly waiting to get back on the stage again! Merry xmas and happy new year 2022!


New material to be released

We are currently recording material for our upcoming full-length album. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile you can follow us in Instagram, Facebook or Spotify


Tour diary, part IX

Did Ode In Black cause a widespread power outage in Kainuu? Did Taisto, Teemu & Tatu crawl inside a dead deer to prevent them from freezing to death? Yes, the tour diary is back again with some juicy details from last weekend…


Tour diary, part VIII

Is it possible to break the curse Of Kuopio? Did we recruit a reindeer as our new keyboard player? Is it possible to fix a loose tire with only duct tape? Though nobody asked for it, the tour diary is back!


Lohja gig confirmed!

Ode In Black will play @ Rock n’ Roll Cafe, Lohja on 17.11.2018 with Lamori!


A review of “Seeds Of Chaos” by Kaaoszine!

Kaaoszine has written a review of “Seeds Of Chaos” album.


Kuhmo gig confirmed!

Ode In Black will play @ Hotelli Kainuu, Kuhmo on 17.2.2018!


Check out a review of “Seeds Of Chaos” by Tuonela Magazine!

Tuonela Magazine has written a review of “Seeds Of Chaos” album.